MLIEMirror-Like Image Encryption
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Therefore, this study aims to propose an artificial intelligence model, namely as EAC-LSPIM, that hybridizes various advanced techniques including LS-SVM, MLIE, and DE to help project manager in construction cost prediction.
The machine learning based interval estimation (MLIE) approach (Shrestha, Solomatine 2006) can be divided into five main steps (Fig.
Another advantage of MLIE method is its independence on the machine learning technique.
(2010) in identifying the influence factors for EAC prediction (Table 1), and of Shrestha and Solomatine (2006) in establishing the MLIE.
It is noted that the newly developed model is composed of LS-SVM, MLIE, and DE-based cross-validation.
To address the uncertainty in construction cost forecasting, this study incorporates LS-SVM, MLIE, and DE to achieve interval forecasting of construction project cost.