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MLLMajor League Lacrosse (professional outdoor lacrosse)
MLLMannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto (Finnish)
MLLModern Languages and Linguistics (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
MLLMixed Lineage Leukemia
MLLMicrosoft Live Labs
MLLMedia Label Library
MLLMultiplicative Linear Logic
MLLMudra Lifestyle Ltd. (India)
MLLMy Lady Love
MLLMobile Learning Lab
MLLModern Languages and Literature
MLLmyeloid/lymphoid leukemia
MLLMultimedia Learning Lab
MLLMedical Lessons Learned (US Navy)
MLLMaple Leaf Lounge (restaurant; Canada)
MLLMillbrook Press, Inc. (former stock symbol; now MILB)
MLLMaersk Lines, Limited
MLLMinimum Luminance Level (plasma TVs)
MLLMaximum Lobe Length
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Based on few case reports including this case, it seems that MLLs as a result of low energy and sports injuries typically have a favorable outcome with full return to physical activities and no further sequelae.
In 2009, the Mahindra Group identified logistics as a key focus area, and since then MLL has been part of the Mahindra Partners division, the US$ 900 million quasi private equity division of the Mahindra Group.
The PESGA solution however suffers slightly higher MLL gain degradation compared to GA.
Through our centralized system, MLL can manage customers' cargoes from point of origin to point of destination, providing complete visibility and reporting throughout the supply chain.
The MLL dual-color break-apart probe set used here as an example is available from Abbott Molecular and consists of a probe to the 5' proximal portion of the gene and upstream flanking sequences (350 kb) labeled with SpectrumGreen and a probe to the 3' distal portion of the gene and downstream flanking sequences (190 kb) labeled with SpectrumOrange.
However, the team also found high levels of another protein called Hoxa9 in the MLL mice and human patients.
Furthermore, when beta-catenin was completely inactivated in mice with pre-leukemic cells, the mice did not develop leukemia, even though they carried MLL gene mutations.
An important aim of MLL is to connect the outer and inner layers, which means that the teacher's behavior in a professional situation is rooted in his or her sense of identity and mission (ideals, calling, inspiration), which is in line with the above educational and psychological frameworks.
The groundbreaking study, reported in the journal Cancer Cell, involved a dangerous strain of leukaemia driven by defects in the MLL (mixed lineage leukaemia) gene.
Tokyo, June 3, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - Morita Corporation (head offices: Sanda, Hyogo and Tokyo; president Masahiro Nakajima), a 100% subsidiary of Fire Fighting and Rescue Vehicle Manufacturer Morita Holdings Corporation (head offices: Osaka and Tokyo; President: Masahiro Nakajima; stocks listed on section 1 of TSE/OSE), announced its newly developed lightweight Super Gyro Ladder MLL Series, which not only offers speeder extension retraction of ladder but is also equipped with numerous most advanced technologies, such as recording of ladder operations to memory and replaying of the recorded ladder operations from the memory.
MLL released its list of preseason rosters for the upcoming season, and the Riptide was not included.
Pedagogic changes gained momentum by the inception of nation wide schemes such as MLL, DPEP, SSA and the emerging RMSA.