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MLLEMaximum-Likelihood-Like Estimator
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Fifi swung into action and the disbelieving one received confirmation that when Mlle G (and Fifi) were in class, discipline was the order of the day.
Cinzia Hardy of November Club explained: "After walking down what is now the A1, the party stopped off at Morpeth and Mlle D'Jeck was left in the hands of her keeper, Jean Baptiste.
After ali, it was the age of the Republic of Letters, marked by great collective publishing projects such as the Encyclopedie, the Histoire naturelle, and the Histoire des deux Indes, but also by institutions such as the salons where neither ideas nor texts could be said to belong to any single individual (indeed, Mlle de Lespinasse may be Diderot's way of rendering women's hidden contribution to the philosophy of his day).
She was undoubtedly played by one of the troupe's two actresses, either Mlle Le Noir or Mlle Villiers.
Dans le present numero, nous vous faisons part d'un article par Mlle Magdalene Wanjugu (Stagiaire du Programme Communications de FEMNET) qui soutient la necessite de vulgariser et de mettre en oeuvre la Resolution en Afrique.
She performed with "full, hunched shoulders" and a "sinewy body" (a Mlle.
Mlle Giraud tells the pulpy story, from the point of view of an unhappy husband, of a marriage doomed by the Sapphic tendencies of his wife.
With Sorel, Scarron and Segrais, as well as Mlle de Scudery and Mme de Lafayette brought in to prepare the ground, there is inevitably much tale-telling here.
The protagonist and narrator Mlle Beleau is an ambitious courtesan who later assumes the name Roxana.
Mlle Pierre defends the |majority' date Of 344, but introduces a bold, elegant, and intriguing hypothesis: that the unnamed prelate is none other than the future martyr Simeon bar Sabba'e, during his unwise and doomed attempts at intrigue at the Persian court.
Among the operettas are The Wizard of the Nile (1895), The Fortune Teller (1898), Babes in Toyland (1903), Mlle.