MLLGMore Localized Linux Games
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Given (2.1f)-(2.1g), the tupel (m, E, H) is called a weak solution of MLLG (2.1) if,
from [16], we propose two algorithms for the numerical integration of MLLG, where the first one follows the lines of [7].
Then, as (h, k) [right arrow] (0,0) independently of each other, a subsequence of ([], [], []) converges weakly in [H.sup.1]([[OMEGA].sub.T]) x [L.sup.2]([[OMEGA].sup.T]) x [L.sup.2] ([[OMEGA].sub.T]) to a weak solution (m, H, E) of MLLG. In particular, each accumulation point of ([], [], []) is a weak solution of MLLG in the sense of Definition 2.1.