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[6] In an acute trauma, MLLs require surgical excision or percutaneous drainage.
Sonography can be viably used to analyze and describe liquid accumulations such as MLLs. [8] Chronic MLL is a very rare condition, and there are just few reports in the literature.
Morel-Lavalleee lesions (MLL) is a rare condition presenting with superficial fluid collection between subcutaneous tissue and the superficial fascia or bone mainly caused by direct trauma.
MLL is a rare condition consisting of a closed degloving injury caused by tangential impact and shear stress between the subcutaneous tissue and the muscle fascia or bone [4].
However, all of them cannot be applied directly to the MLLS with MU-MIMO capability: on one hand, the goal of [7, 8] is maximizing throughput while the objective of MU-MIMO MLLS is minimizing the schedule length; on the other hand, both work in [7, 8] model the optimal link scheduling problem in MU-MIMO networks as an ILP formulation, which is well-defined in mathematics while difficult to find approximation algorithms providing a guaranteed performance.
Afterwards, two algorithms for the problem of MUMIMO MLLS are proposed: the first one is a performance guaranteed approximation algorithm whose approximation ratio is at most 2n/[log.sub.2](n); the second one is a time efficient heuristic algorithm based on degrees of interference (DOI) greedy.
MelCD scores of multistage method is similar with SIMO-ICA, after applying MLLS dereverberation, it decrease to 0.019, a quite ideal level.
Purpose: The present study aimed at investigating the effects of a suggested training program in some Metacognitive Language Learning Strategies (MLLS) on developing listening and reading comprehension of first year EFL students.
Klerman and Leibowitz (1997) use data from the 1980 and 1990 censuses to see how state MLLs have affected mothers' employment status.