MLLWMean Lower Low Water
MLLWMixed Low Level Waste
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165 m above MLLW (with MLLW determined independently in July 1994).
Using a steady-state approximation, estimated body temperatures were generated for each hour of exposure for aggregated mussels at tidal heights of MLLW + 1 m and MLLW + 0 m and with two rates of mass loss: none and a constant rate of 5% initial body mass per hour.
Calculations have been made here only for points on the shore at or below MLLW.
3 m above MLLW (mean lower low water) and were inundated twice a day by the semidiumal tide.
45 m MLLW were marked and randomly assigned to six experimental treatments (n = 12 plants/treatment).
15 m above MLLW, which is well above geoduck aquaculture operations and sampling in the current study (Table 1).
2 m MLLW generally experienced higher temperatures and longer durations of exposure to elevated temperature than oysters at 0.
Approximately 13,900 CY of dredging is required to return the basin to an elevation of -35ft MLLW.
July 05 large red algae January 06 Depth Strata (MLLW) Collection Site 3 m 5 m 7 m Long Island 9 Discovery Bay 1 Oro Bay 1 2 MLLW, mean lower low water.
The variation in relative time of exposure is greatest at 0[prime] above MLLW (48.
Bathymetry in the embayment ranged from 162 cm above MLLW to 107 cm below MLLW.
corroded areas of piles including butt welds occurring near 0 MLLW.