MLMEMinistry of Lands Mines and Energy (Liberia)
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Implementation of MLMe using the MLMA-LOCO option is identical to that of MLMi, except that markers on a given autosome are evaluated using a GRM constructed from the remaining autosomes, by pre-computing and storing the GRM constructed from all autosomes.
However, MLMe resulted in a high genomic inflation factor (1.28) for iADG, but not for sADG (1.07).
(b) Quantile-guantile plot with lambda Of 1.28 for iADG with candidate marker excluded mixed linear model (MLMe).
Table 5 illustrates details of the performance comparisons of different fusion rules and keystroke feature combinations in MLME fusion approach.
The best performance from our fusion approach (MLME) was selected for comparison.
Contrasting to normal fusion approach which usually only combine scores from different methods, MLME fuses more information by considering the scores from two different methods as well as the information of different combinations of keystroke features.
Da mesma forma, o MLME também é capaz de auxiliar na estimativa de produção de culturas agrícolas, tais como algodão, milho e soja (Lobell e Asner, 2004; Bannari et al., 2006).