MLMICMedical Liability Mutual Insurance Company
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113) Although Academic's book of business is primarily limited to healthcare professionals who are in academia and engage in the clinical practice of medicine and dentistry under the auspices of a university medical teaching system, (114) PRI and MLMIC could provide coverage to Academic's insureds.
MLMIC, the biggest malpractice writer in the state, meanwhile, argued for a minimum increase of 63 percent for 1985-86 over the previous 1984-85 rates.
The divestment will allow MLMIC to entirely focus on its business with New York State healthcare providers, the company's president, Robert Menotti, said.
and to give step-by-step a criticism of the MLMIC rate filing by Allan Kaufman of Milliman & Robertson.
MLMIC, PRI HIC, Academic, and HPIC together write approximately 90% of the premium volume in the state.
The Department and the malpractice insurers, including MLMIC and the Medical Malpractice Insurance Association, have been in conflict for years over rate levels.