MLMLMoss Landing Marine Laboratories
MLMLMacquarie Leisure Management Limited (Australia)
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In order to minimize the impact of the derbies on the elasmobranchs of Elkhorn Slough and to assist in various research projects, a tag-and-release program was initiated in 1988 through a cooperative effort between MLML, the PVRGC, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Elkhorn Slough Foundation.
Starting in 1988 and continuing until the end of the derbies, elasmobranchs were also sampled at roving weigh-in stations on boats staffed primarily by MLML graduate students.
We thank the people who provided the ships and submersibles, and their crew, including MLML ship operations staff, Wayne Kelly, the crew of the CV Cavalier, the pilots of the submersible Delta, Dave Slater and Chris Ijames, and the crew of the RV Point Lobos and Ventana, and ROV pilots.