MLNAMexican Labor News and Analysis (periodical)
MLNAMissouri Landscape and Nursery Association (Saint Charles, MO)
MLNAMoved Left No Address
MLNAMonolithic Low-Noise Amplifier
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Following their agenda, Islamists sidelined the secular MLNA since they had little interest in the idea of a free and secular Azawad and implemented strict Sharia law in the conquered area.
15) Le 16 octobre 2011, une coalition formee par ces soldats << revenants >>, le Mouvement National de l'Azawad et l'Alliance Touareg Niger-Mali voit le jour sous le nom de MLNA.
El Acuerdo, firmado por el Gobierno, el MLNA y el Alto Consejo para la Unidad de Azawad se concibio como un marco que definia los dos hitos de un proceso que debia llevar a un Acuerdo de paz definitivo.
Outside was a truck packed with armed Tuareg rebels from the MLNA.
Islamist Jihadist allies of the MNLA decided to turn on their separatist friends and the MLNA lost the power struggle.
The MLNA would only be able to take the truck to the Mauritanian border - around 620 miles away.
Due to the disparity between the political aspirations of their resort to violence and the means at their disposal, they are forced to operate clandestinely, out of weakness, so the actions of the MLNA 'terrorists'--sabotage, intimidation, murder--were the tactics of the weak against the strong.