MLNGMalaysian Liquefied Natural Gas
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With the deal, MLNG increased its portfolio of Japanese customers to 15.
The agreement between MLNG and Tokyo Electric and Tokyo Gas is the second sales and purchase agreement signed between the three parties.
In 1994, Tohoku Electric signed a 20-year contract with MLNG Sdn.
The project will rely on innovative technology involving ammonia pre-cooling for the core liquefaction process, Optimized Single Mixed Refrigerant (OSMR)A, developed by MLNG s parent company, LNG Limited, to achieve a lower cost, more efficient and more environmentally friendly plant.
Natural Gas produced from Layang, together with Helang field gas, is planned to be supplied through subsea pipelines of approximately 200km long to the MLNG Tiga Sdn.
The agreement is for LNG production between 800,000 tonnes per annum and 1 million tonnes per annum from MLNG s proposed 8 Mtpa plant.
Founded on the MLNG project s present financial model, Stonepeak s US$ 660 million equity investment will offer it with an estimated 50% equity interest in the project, with LNG Ltd retaining around a 50% equity interest.
The key conditions include : Brightshore shall be in charge of gas delivery, including gas consumption for the LNG plant, at its own cost, to the MLNG Project for liquefaction, storage, and delivery onto LNG ships organized by Brightshore; and?