MLNGMalaysian Liquefied Natural Gas
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However, the raid on MLNG office in Lahore had provided an excellent opportunity to the Muslim League to capitalize on its strength for a massive display of power.
I believe that MLNG will support the future growth of Bangladesh's economy, and we are committed to providing safe and reliable operations for many years to come.'
He said the accumulated dividends were received from the investments in Petronas subsidiaries of MLNG Satu, MNLG Dua and MLNG Tiga plants located at the Petronas Complex.
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Meantime, for a year or more, numerous Primary Leagues had sprung up or come to be established where there was none, and the Muslim League National Guards (MLNG) was duly reorganized as never before.
MLNG is a major supplier of LNG and supplies 23 million tons annually to other countries - mainly Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
The upgrade at MLNG Dua, which is one of three facilities in the PETRONAS LNG Complex, is expected to add 1.3 million tons per year of capacity to the current MLNG Dua production of 7.8 million tons per year.
On 24th January 1947 Muslim League National Guards (MLNG) and Rashtriya Sawayam Sewak Sangh(R.S.S.S,) were declared unlawful bodies and a search of the Guard's Headquarters was ordered which was raided by the police and seven Punjab League leaders were arrested for resisting the police from carrying out a search of the MLNG Headquarters.Although, the Hindu (R.S.S.S) was also banned but practically no action was taken against it.
"Similarly, production of LNG is poised to increase following the completion of upgrading and expansion of facilities in MLNG Dua plant."
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MLNG was selected as the only supplier of LNG for Shikoku Electric from a list of four other LNG companies.