MLOFMount Lemmon Observing Facility (Tucson, AZ)
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To compare the MLOF algorithm for feature extraction, we compared our MLOF algorithm's histogram of the image feature to real faces and three different attacks.
Through the data in both Tables 4 and 5, the MLOF algorithm shows a strong ability to distinguish the real and fake faces.
MLOF represents the algorithm proposed in this paper, as well as a variety of feature fusion algorithms.
Sample FAR FRR HTER LBP 15.79% 47.37% 22.81% HOG 15.79% 56.03% 35.91% Optical flow 15.79% 29.82% 40.00% mlof 13.35% 25.26% 46.88% FAR, the fake input is accepted; FRR, the real input is refused; HTER, half of the sum of the FRR and FAR.
The logged section covers the last 20 m of the MLOF Mb from the Vale das Fontes Fm and the transition to the Lemede Fm (Fig.
From the 18 m of the profile (top of the MLOF Mb), the GR-values decrease rapidly from 160 cps to 90 cps, characteristic of the carbonate-dominated Lemede Fm.
On the other side, the highest peaks (> 150 cps) were obtained in the organic rich sections such as the Polvoeira and MLOF members (Fig.
Pedro de Moel is characterized by the highest average TOC (7%) and U (6.5 ppm) values while the MLOF Mb analysed in Peniche, represents the second most important organic rich section (TOC - 3% and U - 3.3 ppm).
In the Agua de Madeiros Fm and MLOF Mb it is noticiable a strong []/TOC correlation (r = 0.72 and r = 0.64 respectively).
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