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MLPMaster Limited Partnership (business legal operating entity)
MLPMovimiento de Liberación de Los Pueblos (Spanish: Liberation Movement of the Peoples; Guatemala)
MLPMy Little Pony (toy)
MLPMono Laser Printer (computer product)
MLPMultilayer Perceptron
MLPMetal License Plate
MLPMedical-Legal Partnership (various locations)
MLPMeridian Lossless Packing
MLPMultilink PPP (Point-to Point-Protocol)
MLPMore Light Presbyterians (Minnetonka, MN)
MLPMulti Level Parallelism
MLPMulti Layer Protocol
MLPMicrosoft License Pack
MLPMicro Lead Frame Package
MLPMulti Loop Controller
MLPMolded Leadless Package
MLPMaster License Program
MLPMulti Level Partitioning
MLPMobile Launch Platform
MLPMaster Logger Program
MLPMulti Level Port
MLPMulti Layer Piezo
MLPMicro Liquid Process
MLPMultiple Platform
MLPMono Laser Printer
MLPMemory Level Parallelism
MLPMulti Link Ppp
MLPMulti Layer Perception
MLPMsn Live Product
MLPMulti Language Package
MLPMessage Link Protocol
MLPMulti Link Procedure
MLPMercury Living Presence (audiophile record label)
MLPMini-Lp (Record)
MLPMobile Location Protocol
MLPMindless Link Propagation
MLPMarxist-Leninist Party (various locations)
MLPMobile Launcher Platform (Space Shuttle)
MLPMid-Level Practitioner
MLPMicro Leadframe Package (semiconductor packaging)
MLPMobile Landing Platform (class of amphibious logistic ships)
MLPMalta Labor Party
MLPMicro Level Planning
MLPMauritian Labor Party
MLPMutual Learning Platform (EU)
MLPMiami Light Project (Florida)
MLPMemory-Level Parallelism
MLPManufacturer's List Price
MLPMulti-Lingual Publishing
MLPMacNeil-Lehrer Productions
MLPMarriage Law Project (est. 1996; Catholic University; Washington, DC)
MLPMidlevel Provider
MLPMarcher Lord Press (Christian speculative fiction)
MLPMulti-Link Procedure (ITU-T)
MLPMaternity Leave Period (statutory allowance; UK)
MLPMoney Laundering Prevention
MLPMedially Luxating Patella (kneecap)
MLPMulti-Layer Protocol
MLPMicrosoft License Pak
MLPMovimiento de Liberación Popular
MLPMarschollek, Lautenschläger & Partner (German Finance consulting enterprise)
MLPMulti-Link Protocol (X.25)
MLPMultimode Light Pack (Noyes Fiber Systems)
MLPMinimum Loss Pad (CATV)
MLPManitoba Liberal Party
MLPMulti-Lateral Peering
MLPMulticultural Leadership Program
MLPMulti-Line Phone
MLPManning Level Process
MLPMaster Logistics Plan
MLPManagement Letter Point
MLPMonitored Line Program
MLPMaximum Likelihood Predictor
MLPMain Locator Point (parts measurement)
MLPMirror Landing Practice
MLPMulti-Level Plating (semi-conductor fabrication process)
MLPMedia Law Policy
MLPMultiple Launch Platform
MLPMultiple Level Parking
MLPMessage Log Port (ADC)
MLPMean Launch Power (ANSI)
MLPMulti-Layer Probing
MLPMulti-Level Procedure
MLPMain Line Pump
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Caption: Figure 4: Organizational Structure for Pipeline MLP LP, an MLP Whose General Partner Is Another MLP
Under the contract, financial details of which were not available, HP will begin providing utility-based business process outsourcing services to fuel efficiencies and innovation for MLP.
The Morgan Stanley Cushing MLP High Income Index ETN tracks the performance of the Cushing MLP High Income Index.
El objetivo principal de este articulo es predecir los precios promedios mensuales despachados en la Bolsa de Energia del mercado electrico colombiano usando SVM, y comparar los resultados obtenidos con el modelo autorregresivo integrado de promedios moviles (ARIMA) y los MLP, con el fin de determinar el mejor modelo de prediccion para la serie estudiada.
MLP 27-XII-01.52, MLP 27-VI-97.1, (12 [masculinidad][masculinidad]) MACN 19918, MACN 19919, MACN 19920, MACN 19924, MACN 19970, MACN 19973, MACN 19974, MACN 20098, MACN 20100, MACN 20102, MACN 20103, MACN 20104; Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires: (5 [feminidad][feminidad]) MACN 19832, MACN 20006, MACN 20007, MMPMa 4823, MMPMa 4822,
The MLP structure allows the passthrough of net income to the limited partners without being subject to federal or state income tax at the MLP level.
Once an MLP investment has been identified, both the practitioner and the taxpayer need to be aware that receipt of the Schedule K-1 from the MLP may not occur until late March, early April, or potentially even later, since the MLP return may not be due until October.
El Lote del MLP No 11359 corresponde al sintipo de P.
The talent is local farmers whose farming and entrepreneurial skills MLP aims to help grow by enticing them with ag lots in an agricultural subdivision in Kapalua.
"At MLP, recruitment of youth is a priority and we see graduates as integral to our plans and development."
MLP, the UK offshoot of a massive German parent, was hammered yesterday by the Financial Services Authority for mis-selling endowments.