MLPCMovement for the Liberation of the Central African People (Central African Republic)
MLPCMarxist-Leninist Party of Canada
MLPCMedical-Legal Partnership for Children (est. 1993)
MLPCMaine Lobster Promotion Council
MLPCMouvement pour la Libération du Peuple Centrafricain (French: Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People; political party; Central African Republic)
MLPCMulti-Lineage Progenitor Cell (cell lines; BioE Corporation)
MLPCMcLean Presbyterian Church (Virginia)
MLPCMine Labour Protection Campaign (India)
MLPCMawson Lakes Podiatry Clinic (Australia)
MLPCMoney Laundering Prevention Center
MLPCMound Laser and Photonics Center, Inc. (Miamisburg, OH)
MLPCMidwest Lakes Policy Center (Madison, Wisconsin)
MLPCMultidimensional Locus of Pain Control (questionnaire)
MLPCMulti-Lingual Psychotherapy Centre (various locations)
MLPCMedical Logistics Proponent Committee (Tricare)
MLPCMovimento Luta Pro-Creche (Portuguese: Pro-Nursery Movement; Brazil)
MLPCMerrill Lynch Philanthropy Committee
MLPCMortgage Licensing Policy Committee (Conference of State Bank Supervisors; Washington, DC)
MLPCMaximum Likelihood Pixel Classifier
MLPCMaui Land and Pineapple Co. (Hawaii)
MLPCMichigan License Plate Club
MLPCMultilayer Piezoelectric Ceramics (ultrasound imaging)
MLPCManufacture Landaise des Produits Chimiques (French: Landaise Manufacturer of Chemicals)
MLPCMindanao Livestock Production Center (USDA)
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The Legislative Yuan (parliament) amended the MLCA in 2003 to expand the list of predicate crimes for money laundering, widen the range of institutions subject to suspicious transaction reporting, and mandate compulsory reporting to the MLPC of significant currency transactions of over New Taiwan Dollars (TDW)1 million (approximately $30,000).
"Any 'significant transactions' are supposed to be reported, however the MLPC only has a staff of 20 or so, and they receive about 6,000 reports every day," explains Moray J.
Since the early 1990s, ASI, MLPC and exporters of American lobster have exhibited live and frozen lobster at the ESE, where connections have been made with seafood buyers from Europe and other regions.
One aim of the MLPC is to shatter the myths and misinformation regarding lobster.
2 The other parties also broadcast their own televised messages: the CHP (Christian Heritage Party) had seven, the NDP, two, the RP, the GP (Green Party), the CRP (Canadian Republican Party) the CNP (Canadian Nationalist Party), and the MLPC (Marxist Leninist Party of Canada), one each.
The C-Track ETNs with the ticker symbol "MLPC" began trading on September 25, 2013.
Political parties: Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP), Central African Democratic Assembly (RDC), Civic Forum (FC), Democratic Forum (FODEM), Liberal Democratic Party (PLD), Movement for Democracy and Development (MDD), Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People (MLPC), Patriotic Front for Progress (FPP), People's Union for the Republic (UPR), National Unity Party (PUN), and Social Democratic Party (PSD).
Legislative elections were held in 1998; in contested results, the government's Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People (MLPC) won just over 50% control of the legislative body.
This is why MLPC International is innovating to widen the range of possible solutions with Mixland+ TBP 75 GA, a new nitrosamine-free accelerator based on "Vultac" chemistry.
MLPC's technical staff provides scientifically informed solutions and industry leading turnaround.
This multi-million dollar program will concern both sites, Niagara Falls (U.S.) and MLPC (France), where the production of Wingstay 100 Will be increased respectively by 25% and 30% by mid-1997.
To create this new converged technology, Phillips Plastics will customize structures that will enhance the growth of BioE's proprietary Multi-Lineage Progenitor Cell (MLPC), which is derived from post-birth human umbilical cord blood and obtained using the company's cell isolation platform, PrepaCyte.