MLPPMulti Level Precedence and Preemption
MLPPMichigan Literacy Progress Profile (education certification)
MLPPMajor League Ping Pong
MLPPMoss Landing Power Plant
MLPPMarxist-Leninist Party of the Philippines
MLPPMulti-Level Precedence & Preemption
MLPPMaximum Loose Packed Position (physical therapy)
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After its inception, FGP received much attention to the researchers and has been applied to solve BLPPs [25, 26, 27], multi-objective BLPPs [28], multi-objective decentralized BLPPs [29, 30], MLPPs [14, 31], multi-objective MLPPs [32, 33], fractional BLPP [34], multi-objective fractional BLPPs [35-39], decentralized fractional BLPP [40], fractional MLPPs [41], quadratic BLPPs [42, 43], multi-objective quadratic BLPP [44, 45], water quality management [46], project network [47], transportation [48, 49], etc.
The bank's MLPP should contain appropriate risk management practices to ensure that money laundering and terrorist financing risks arising from dealings with foreign exchange dealers, money changers and remittance agents are effectively identified, assessed, monitored, mitigated and controlled, Espenilla said in an April 5 memorandum.
Our research was conducted in Miquelon Lake Provincial Park (MLPP) and the surrounding area (Fig.
Also, in addition to MLPP, this release of VX software supports standards-based V.150.1 secure call relay over an IP infrastructure.
Oral Reading Fluency was assessed within MLPP by determining words read correctly per minute from standardized grade-level probes and converting that score to a category score of one to four.
The first attempts at Ethernet delivery using more than one circuit included Multilink Frame Relay and MLPP, by far the most popular has been Inverse Multiplex ATM (IMA) bonding ATM circuits out of a standard DSLAM.
But according to Scott Paris, a reading researcher at the University of Michigan, "All of the district educators I've talked to think there is a list, despite all the denials to the contrary." Paris points out that in Michigan "20,000 teachers have been trained on a locally developed assessment called the Michigan Literacy Progress Profile (MLPP).
This document presents an assessment and instructional system, the Michigan Literacy Progress Profile 2001 (MLPP 2001), a means for teachers to assess students' literacy strengths and connect that information to instructional decision-making within classrooms serving Michigan children.
The combo card also provides Multilink Point-to-Point (MLPP) transfers, enabling data transfer at speeds of 128Kbps and delivering double the throughput when using data compression.
said banks dealing with foreign exchange dealers, money changers and remittance agents should take extra caution and vigilance and should perform enhanced due diligence consistent with regulations and the bank's procedures as provided under its Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Program (MLPP).
According to Nortel, the CS 2100 and 1000 support mission critical command and control, including Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption (MLPP), with full enterprise feature set between TDM and IP phones.
White Rock Networks said the VLX300 offers up to 12 channelised DS3 interfaces for the aggregation of T1-based business services, usually delivered to enterprise routers at the customer premises, with HDLC, PPP, MLPP or Frame Relay.