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MLRMonthly Labor Review (Washington, DC)
MLRMiddle Latency Response
MLRMultivariable Logistic Regression
MLRMedical Loss Ratio (healthcare)
MLRMultiple Linear Regression
MLRMessage Log Report
MLRMoney Laundering Regulations (UK)
MLRModern Language Review (journal)
MLRMichigan Law Review
MLRModern Law Review (UK)
MLRMain Line of Resistance (military)
MLRminimum lending rate
MLRMedical Liability Reform (various organizations)
MLRMixed Leukocyte Reaction
MLRMuch Love and Respect
MLRMy Little Remix (music website)
MLRMixed Lymphocyte Response (biology)
MLRMultiple Launch Rocket
MLRMonodisperse Latex Reactor
MLRMaterial Loss Review (US Treasury Department)
MLRMass Loss Rate
MLRMilitary Law Review
MLRMatheran Light Railway (India)
MLRMoney Laundering Risk
MLRMauna Lani Resort (Hawaii)
MLRMitsubishi Lancer Register
MLRMuzzle-Loading Rifle
MLRMultichannel Linear Recording
MLRMatantei Loki Ragnarok (anime)
MLRMedium Lift Replacement
MLRMorgan Lewis Resources (law; Morgan, Lewis & Bockius)
MLRMedico Legal Reporting
MLRManagement Level Review
MLRMost Loaded Routing
MLRMachine Learned Ranking (data analysis)
MLRMedical Legal Report (India)
MLRMedium Lending Rate
MLRMy Life Rocks (social utility; Facebook)
MLRMoonshine Lunch Run (motorcycle rally; Illinois)
MLRMortar Locating Radar
MLRMarine Life Resources
MLRMake Lisa Rich (band)
MLRManual Loop Request (DSL)
MLRMultiple Location Risk
MLRMaximum Likelihood Relaxation algorithm
MLRMy Life Rules (Internet slang)
MLRManeuver Load Reduction
MLRMainstream Law Report
MLRMaster Lot Record
MLRMelbourne Law Review
MLRMaïarská Lidová Republika (Czech: People's Republic of Hungary)
MLRMaine Lawyers Review (publication)
MLRMarch Leadership Retreat (New York)
MLRMountain Land Rehabilitation, Inc. (Utah)
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The main objective of the MLR is to encourage competition and professionalism among the financial institutions to result in a balanced approach of engaging in financial intermediation.
For health insurance agents and brokers, looking at the MLR exam reports may be another way to see what's going on inside health insurance companies.
Nonetheless, the MLR continues to track developments in state labor laws.
However, in 2013, MLR rebate checks were much rarer, and they seem to have disappeared altogether from the landscape this year--even as speculation emerges that the government might consider applying MLR rules to voluntary plans in the near future.
paying medical claims and investing in improvements to the quality of their care), they have an MLR of 85 percent.
Portumna steadied the ship, extending their lead to six points by the 44th minute as Damien Hayes fed Ronan O'Meara, only for MLR to counter-punch through Paul Coady and Denis Murphy.
The MLR provision limits administrative costs in health insurance premiums to 15 percent for large groups and 20 percent for small groups.
The stated goals of the ACA's minimum MLR regime are to promote transparency, consumer value, and greater efficiency of health insurers.
Research indicates MLR is controlled by Portland developer Tim Ralston, who also last year dismantled a Smurfit Stone paper mill in Frenchtown, Mont.
The bill also requires Health and Human Services (HHS) to defer to state insurance commissioners regarding requests for MLR waivers.
Speaking of the IIABA, the group has just pushed for the modifications in the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act particularly in MLR requirements.
Spending on overhead costs - such as administration, executive bonuses or profits - that exceeds the MLR ratio must be rebated to the consumer by the end of the fiscal year.