MLRAMajor Land Resource Area (USDA NRCS)
MLRAMultiple Linear Regression Analysis
MLRAMidwest Late Model Racing Association
MLRAMarine Living Resources Act of 1998 (South Africa)
MLRAMultiple Logistic Regression Analysis
MLRAMulti-layer Routing Area
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The backward MLRA was conducted according to the procedures recommended by Hosmer and Lemeshow, with the pre-selection of variables for inclusion in the analysis made by the likelihood ratio test, adopting a p-value [less than or equal to]0.25.
CRC, colorectal cancer; CSPY, colonoscopy; FIT, fecal immunochemical test; HRA, high-risk adenoma; LRA, low-risk adenoma; MLRA, multiple low-risk adenomas.
This question was addressed through the MLRA and BLRA techniques.
We used ESRI ArcGIS (ESRI, 2010) to assign a MLRA to each reach (Table 3).
In recent years use of factor or principle component scores in MLRA has given much more successful results on eliminating a severe multicollinearity problem than MLRA and ridge regression analyses (Tariq et al.2012b).
The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, saying the MLRA impliedly preempts Summit County's ordinance banning the use of cyanide leaching.
Stepwise multilinear regression analysis (MLRA) with Leave-One-Out (LOO) cross-validation was used to select descriptors for the QSPR models on the training set.
Polynomial models including interaction and quadratic terms were generated for all the response variables using multiple linear regression analysis (MLRA) approach.
In this case a Multilinear Regression Analysis (MLRA) was applied using the methodology described by Thurston and Spengler (1985).
(61) These were the first guestworker units to organize in Canada, and the employer in Manitoba challenged the certification, claiming that the Manitoba Labour Relations Act ("MLRA") did not cover seasonal workers.
State, county, and major land resource area (MLRA) (USDA NRCS 1981) membership accompanying each point serve to locate the point within a climate region.