MLRPMonotone Likelihood Ratio Property (statistics)
MLRPMain Library Redevelopment Project (UK)
MLRPMarine Corps Long-Range Plan
MLRPMean Left-Right Position (politics)
MLRPMultiple Lift Rigging Procedure
MLRPMedia Law Reform Project (Tanzania)
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Late last year, in Faelledparken, which is Copenhagen's Central Park equivalent, MLRP finished work on Mirror House, a multipurpose structure for local schoolchildren that manages to be inconspicuous and arresting at the same time.
Over that, though, MLRP placed a series of mirrored panels made of burnished steel.
La primera referencia nos remite a Grossman y Hart (1983), quienes proporcionan un ejemplo en que la monotonicidad de la estructura optima de incentivos no se verifica debido al incumplimiento de SC (incluso aunque la condicion de MLRP se satisface).
Fuente: Elaboracion propia a partir del Indice de Posicion Ideologica Promedio (MLRP) de los partidos ecuatorianos disenado por Michael Coppedge y de encuestas realizadas en las ciudades de Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca y Loja durante el ano 2007.
With underproduction, a higher expected first-period price is realized, which, since the MLRP holds, is interpreted by the foreign firm as a good market.
MLRP implies first-order stochastic dominance (FOSD); therefore, the cumulative distribution function of Z given Q, G(Z\Q), satisfies FOSD.
The MLRP condition is [p.sub.a](q[where]a)/p(q[where]a) increasing in q.
To encourage as natural as possible a treatment of the mutilated text, the C-tests that in the MLRP were based on somewhat longer texts (about 150 words) than those of the "classic" C-test (60-70 words).
(5) In a standard moral hazard setting of Holmstrom (1979), the differentiable version of MLRP states that [f.sub.e](x:e)/f(x:e) is increasing in x, where e is effort and f(x: e) is the probability density function of output x, given e.
Given the MLRP, if [g.sub.1] < g, then d[[mu].sub.2]/d[m.sub.1] < 0, and thus information decreases with the money growth rate; if [g.sub.1] > g, then d[[mu].sub.2]/d[m.sub.1] > 0, and thus infonnation increases with the money growth rate.
Tender notice number : CMLRE/22(MLRP)/REIS/2(1)/2018
Landlords who own a multi-family dwelling in need of repairs and are willing to lease to eligible hurricane survivors have until June 1 to sign up for FEMAs Multi-Family Lease and Repair Program (MLRP).