MLSAMontana Legal Services Association
MLSAMultilocus Sequence Analysis
MLSAMuslim Law Students Association
MLSAMinistry of Labour and Social Affairs
MLSAMoney Laundering Suppression Act of 1994
MLSAModern Language Studies Abroad
MLSAMeta Latent Semantic Analysis
MLSAMinimum Linear Span Approximation
MLSAMount Lebanon Soccer Association
MLSAMutual Logistics and Services Agreement (military accord)
MLSAModified Lloyd Search Algorithm
MLSAMetalográfica de Levante SA (Valencia, Spain)
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The company has previously provided the MLSA with a copy of a feasibility study and financial model as well as a copy of the project's JORC-compliant ore reserves statement and report.
The subject of the public contract is to supplement the existing dynamic microsimulation model of the MLSA pension system (hereinafter referred to as "NEMO") by a part of supplementary pension savings and its interconnection with the basic pension insurance, further development of the basic part of the model, which models the mandatory pension insurance, identification of model replenishment options o the sickness insurance model, enhancing the comparability of the model results with external projections and the effective use of projection results to provide information on future pension entitlements..
The MLSA provided an additional 27.5 million koruna ($1.3 million) to support the integration of foreigners and victims of trafficking, which included funding for welfare benefits provided by NGOs to trafficking victims not in the MOI program.
The Hankook Ilbo, the sister paper of The Korea Times, quoted an unidentified former government official as saying working-level officials of Korea and the UAE met around October 2013 and signed the MLSA behind closed doors.
It has been reported that the multilocus sequence analysis (MLSA) of housekeeping genes is a useful approach for rapid classification and identification of Pantoea strains with high phenotypic similarity and is more reliable than 16S rRNA sequences [10].
It said the latest delivery is part of a 'series of upcoming transfers from the US military to multiple branches of the (Armed Forces of the Philippines) through both MLSA and the security assistance program.'
54.1 EURO/MWh), but it is smaller (10%) between Si and MLSa (66.85 vs.
Unemployment, low wages, inadequate pensions, and other hardships such as health problems have been identified as the major factors associated with MLSA participation (Hong, 2005a; Leung, 2006; Du and Park, 2007).
Now, we discuss the correctness and efficiency of MLSA.
Recently, studies of phylogenetic relationship of Borrelia genospecies using MLSA have resulted in the definition of two new Borrelia species, Borrelia bavariensis sp.