MLSGMedieval Latin Studies Group
MLSGMobile Logistics Support Group
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(11.) Santos NSGM, Santos MLSG, Vendramini SHF, Villa TCS, Ruffino-Netto A, Chiaravalloti Neto F, et al.
MLSG changed its name to Mass Mutual Tri State on July 1, 2016, and currently has a team of 35 managers and over 175 advisors, including 103 advisors who are part of 23 established teams.
Therefore, social security, such as unemployment insurance, medical insurance and income support programmes like the MLSG, has a strong impact on household consumption smoothing, especially in low-income households.
The MLSG scheme was introduced in the late 1990s, but its implementation expanded rapidly in urban areas from 2001 and in rural areas since 2005.33 The number of people supported by the MLSG since 2000 is shown in
In 2000, only 4 million of the urban population received support from the MLSG. But it increased to almost 12 million in 2001 and 21 million in 2002.
Although the number of rural residents supported by the MLSG exceeded the number of urban residents, the threshold level for rural residents to be qualified as recipients and the average income received by rural residents are much lower than their urban counterparts.
One of the notable problems of the MLSG in urban areas--which is not widely discussed and not deemed as a problem by some scholars--is the exclusion of rural-urban migrant households from the scheme.
The aim of the MLSG is to reduce poverty in urban and rural areas, but households which are considered marginally less poor are more likely to be ignored by the programme in less developed areas since the threshold level is set below the poverty line in these areas due to insufficient government revenue.
Also hotly debated is whether college students should be covered by the MLSG. Given that scholarships and education loan coverage are limited, the programme should target students from poor households that can barely maintain their basic living standards.
MLSG is a modular, scalable data link processor that provides standalone platform capability for new and existing platforms, with an upgrade path to Link 16, Link 22 and Variable Message Format (VMF) tactical data links (TDLs).
Northrop Grumman's Tactical Data Link Integration Exerciser (TIGER) which will be connected to a ViaSat multifunctional information distribution system and communicate with the MLSG.
TIGER performs data link testing for the MLSG and JSS (Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) Support System) programmes by stimulating systems under test with tactical scenarios, including Link 16, Link 11, Link 22 and more.