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The overall stability index (OSI) was chosen as an important parameter, being a composite of MLSI and APSI and representing the global variance of platform displacements in all motions during a test.
Abbreviations APSI: Anterior/posterior stability index COB: Center of balance iPD: Interpositional device MLSI: Medial/lateral stability index OSI: Overall stability index ROM: Range of motion TKA: Total knee arthroplasty UKA: Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty.
A repeated-measures 1 (time) x 3 (NB, SB, SRB) ANOVA model was used for comparisons of locus length/second, enveloped area, and each DPSI value (DPSI, MLSI, APSI, VSI) and vGRFmax for each condition.
The DPSI (APSI, MLSI, VSI) and vGRFmax for the three conditions are shown in Table 2.
This event can occur in three distinct ways (N, IeN; Si, MLSa; Sa, MLSi), which account for 39% of the hours in the period (Figure 1).
In this period, the number of hours of congestion between N and IeN and between Si and MLSa increases, but the opposite occurs in the case of Sa and MLSi, while the ratio of peak capacity to demand has increased in large zones.
Aiming at concluding about the most suitable method to predict Fernana's water character, we applied Langelier saturation index LSI, Larson ration LR, Ryznar stability index RSI, the modified Langelier saturation index MLSI. Besides, both diagrams of [[C[O.sub.2T]]] vs.
The modified Langelier saturation index MLSI is calculated by using the following equation [6]:
The PCR products critical for genotype determination were identified by analysis with restriction enzymes MlsI and DraI.
For SSIs, only those which can take advantage of some or all of these factors can grow or, at least, survive against heavy competition from MLSIs [Schmitz (1982)].
To determine if a 6 trial sequence was adequate to achieve a stable within session score, the OSI, APSI, and MLSI for each stance (dual limb, single limb) were submitted to a 1-way repeated measures ANOVA [6 levels] (Robinson and Gribble, 2008).