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MLSNMobile League Sports Network
MLSNMulti-Level Social Network
MLSNMulti Layer Service Network
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When problems occur in court processes, such as delays in disclosure, or Aboriginal clients without Gladue submissions or incomplete submissions, the blame for inefficiencies and inadequacies often is placed on MLSN.
MLSN court workers have a mandate that currently limits them to criminal court.
The MLSN, discussed more fully below, developed after the fall of MJI to address immediate needs.
The other key program of MLSN is the customary law program, which is funded through the Aboriginal Justice Strategy (AJS) in a 60/40 agreement between the federal and provincial governments.
(125) In the case of MLSN, funding disbursements are regularly delayed due to multiple reporting demands causing no end of stress among personnel.
The employees of MLSN who are the front line workers serving Aboriginal peoples at all stages of the justice system in Nova Scotia, report numerous obstacles facing Indigenous peoples' access to justice and their equal treatment before the law.
(8) Don Clairmont & Jane McMillan, "The MLSN and Future Directions in Mi'krnaq Justice", (Tripartite Forum on Native Justice, Department of Justice, Nova Scotia, 2006).
In the case of MLSN Sports Picks, members answer questions about upcoming sports events to earn points and gain recognition, and to ensure that they receive questions about sports, teams, and leagues that most interest them, members can select their sports preferences, the company claims.