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MLSOMauna Loa Solar Observatory
MLSOMedical Laboratory Scientific Officer (UK)
MLSOMedical Laser Safety Officer
MLSOManaging Land Search Operations
MLSOMain Line Symphony Orchestra (Valley Forge, PA)
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Previous interfaces required multiple decisions (eight for CEDAR and five for MLSO) to be made by the query generator, and those decisions were difficult to make without depth in the subject matter.
They represent an army of workers in Britain's hospitals, including Medical Laboratory Scientists (MLSOs) who carry out screening for illnesses such as meningitis, cytology screeners who test for cancer, and hospital pharmacists.
The contracting authority does require the tenderer to take into account that it may be decided by the board to proceed to four editions per year, And that the same price per edition will be paid for, - explanation of lot 2: Printing of the annual report of mlso. There is one edition per year, - explanation of lot 3: Price is requested for sending 1 edition of newsletter halo to all mailboxes from the defined region (see technical data sheet).