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The MLSP design used for the experiment is exemplified in Figures 1-3.
As shown in Figure 5, MLSP system with a single queue with more than one parallel server, then we have M/M/S queuing system, in the diagram below four identical servers severing a request coming into a single queue [19].
We can notice that if we increase the number of processors (DSs) in the MLSP system, practically we can approach closer to the ideal efficiency of 1.
MLSP reestablished mobile identification teams in four regions for vulnerable populations, including trafficking victims, and continued to dispatch social workers to conduct proactive victim identification at border crossings and migrant and refugee camps; MLSP identified one official victim (one potential victim in 2016).
First responders referred potential victims to CTHBMSU and MLSP, which were authorized to officially identify victims.
The press service of the MLSP does not contain the information about financial sanctions applied against employers.
mercenaria collected live from Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod, MA, had an age in excess of the previous known MLSP for the species, which we have now doubled.
Date and time of the opening of the offers - 19.07.2019 - 10:00, at the address of the contracting authority: Sofia, 2, Triaditsa Street, the administrative building of MLSP.
This contract is for the procurement of a defective air compressor chiller replacement service, including all accompanying delivery, installation, disassembly, setup, start-up and other maintenance activities, as well as subscription maintenance of air conditioners and air conditioning systems installed in the building MLSP in Stara Zagora, 8 Stefan Karadzha Str., Including the provision of spare parts and consumables in case of necessity.
Voucher rates: Bgn 1,00; 2.00 bgn; Bgn 5,00 or bgn 10,00, Meeting the requirements of ordinance no 7 of 9 july 2003 on the conditions and procedure for issuing and withdrawing permission for performing food vouchers and performing activity as an operator of mlsp and mf, With vouchers having at least 5 protection options.
1 of the public procurement act and includes the provision of a digital mobile telephone connection under the gsm / umts / lte standard together with a set of additional voice and other services allowing the realization of mobile communications in the operator~s network as well as connections to other mobile and fixed networks on the territory of the republic of bulgaria for a minimum of 3000 subscribers - employees of the mlsp and the secondary budget spenders with the minister of labor and social policy organized in a corporate group.
Contract notice: Providing logistics and information materials for the needs of projects where the mlsp is a specific beneficiary