MLSSMixed Liquor Suspended Solids (environmental waste)
MLSSMario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (game)
MLSSMachine Learning Summer School (various locations)
MLSSMinistry of Labor and Social Security (China)
MLSSMaximal Lactate Steady State
MLSSMember of Lower Subordinate Staff
MLSSMultilevel Secure Server
MLSSMultiple Level Security System
MLSSMid-Louisiana Surgical Specialists (weight loss surgery clinic)
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NAR's filing notes that listing brokers' offers of commission to buyers' brokers on MLSs has been shown to actually increase the number of potential buyers.
Several years ago, there were more than 800 MLSs across the country; today there are fewer than 700.
MLSS was determined during incremental submaximal exercise (5 min of cycling, 90 RPM, at each step: 100, 150, 200, 250 W, etc.
During 2016, MLSS employed 134 labor inspectors, compared to 110 labor officers employed the previous year.
MLSS only serve vegetarian food which includes leftover curry and rice from the Gurdwara and donations of whatever they can get their hands on from the public and local food outlets.
The MLSS is an important physiological index for the prediction of performance in tests in which energy production occurs predominantly by way of the aerobic system (6,15).
Further, typical MBR sludge concentration (MLSS = 8 to 10 g/L) was maintained throughout the study period.
Degradation is influenced by the filling fraction of carriers, the extent of biofilm growth, the concentration of MLSS in suspended growth, and biomass activity.
Now the city council has joined forces with Digbeth-based SIFA Fireside charity and the Midland Langa Seva Society (MLSS), to offer a free hot meal to homeless people on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.
where, solids retention time (SRT) (d) or mean cell residence time, being the time biomass is kept in the system before being wasted [17], V is the volume of the bioreactor oxidation chamber (L), [Q.sub.w] is the waste sludge flow rate, liter per day (L/d), X and [X.sub.r] are the mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations (mg/L) in oxidation chamber and recycle line, respectively.
In chapter two, "Workfare in mainland China: a reaction to welfare dependency?" Kinglun Ngok, Wing Kit Chan, and Zhaiwen Peng say that unemployment caused by the privatization of state enterprises in the 1990s pressed the government to adopt measures to combat unemployment, such as instituting unemployment insurance, opening reemployment centers, and implementing the 1997 Minimum Living Standard Scheme (MLSS).
The system was first inoculated with fungi grown for two weeks in 1 liter Erlenmeyer flasks each containing 500 ml of the culture media and the reactor was operated in batch mode for a week after which the continuous operation was started with a MLSS concentration less than 2000 mg/l.