MLSSVMaximal Lactate Steady-State Velocity
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Many previous studies on membrane bioreactor have been performed at a F/M ratio around 0.1 mg COD mg MLSSV [day.sup.-1] (ROSEMBERGER; KRAUME, 2002; LOBOS et al., 2008) in which the endogenous respiration is dominant, leading to a low biomass growth.
Other investigators report that endurance exercise training improves lactate clearance capacity (Messonnier et al., 2006), raises LT (Edge et al., 2005; 2006; Evertsen et al., 2001; Poole and Gaesser, 1985), enhances maximal lactate steady state velocity (MLSSv) (Billat et al., 2004) and increases the velocity at the lactate threshold (vLT) (Billat et al., 2004; Evertsen et al., 2001).