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MLSTMulti Locus Sequence Typing
MLSTMain Line Steam Trust (railway preservation; UK)
MLSTMedical Logistics Support Team
MLSTMaster of Liberal Studies (various universities)
MLSTMini Losi Super Truck (1/18th scale radio control vehicle)
MLSTMedico-Legal Services Toronto (Canada)
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We constructed phylogenetic trees by using MEGA7 (19) and aligned sequences produced by concatenating the sequence of each locus for MLST by using the neighbor-joining method (19,20).
MLST typing and spa typing were performed to analyze the molecular characteristics of S.
Thus, considering the significance of following up and monitoring MRSA isolates among burn patients, the current study was focused on determining the molecular characterization of isolates using Spa typing and MLST methods.
pneumoniae MLST profile of ST2567 and new tonB variant 371 sequence data have been submitted to MLST database (
Conclusion: This is the first study of its kind in Iran to determine the sequence types of the clinical isolates of Salmonella Typhimurium in Tehran hospitals using MLST. ST19 was detected as the major sequence type of Salmonella Typhimurium.
Estos hallazgos fueron confirmados usando la tecnica MLST, cuyos resultados indican que los aislados de cada uno de los grupos comparten la misma secuencia tipo, siendo para el primer grupo, la ST1858, mientras que para el segundo, la ST437 (Fig.
Following the results from the pilot study and the second test, the TH-HYC agar was selected to prove the viability of several pneumococcal serotypes and MLST types in two additional tests.
A selection of 56 MSSA isolates strains from cases of bovine mastitis clinical or subclinical cases of dairy bovine (n=118) in Oran were performed by bacteriological methods and by different molecular techniques (Maldi Tof and MLST, spa typing).
Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) Phylogenetic investigation was based on the multilocus sequence typing scheme with the detection and sequencing of 7 housekeeping genes and followed the recommended instructions [23,24].
The investigators compared subtyping results obtained by WGS and MLST. Among pairs of patients whose isolates were of the same MLST subtype and who were simultaneously on the same hospital ward when infection might have occurred, 28% of isolate pairs had >10 SNVs separating them.
In the present study, three different methods, including phylogenetic typing, MLST, and RAPD fingerprinting, were used to analyze the relatedness of EHEC O157 strains isolated from fecal and food samples.
ricinus ticks from northwest Norway and study the genetic variation between the strains via MLST. I.