MLSZMagyar Labdarugó Szövetség (Hungarian Football Federation)
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He co-translated Gyorgy Szollosi's definitive biography on Ferenc Puskas and is the English website editor for MLSZ as well as being a committee member of the Ferenc Puskas International Foundation, a member of the Hungarian Sportswriters' Association and an occasional contributor to the market-leading Nemzeti Sport newspaper.
(2006) considered 1.85-1.82 Ga gabbro-tonalitic intrusions along the MLSZ as possible relatives to the Vepriai gabbro and thus the mylonitized plagioclase-bearing granitoid in our study can be of similar age as well.
"defibrillator purchase for mlsz" - 784 items for sale, delivery and training of defibrillator (aed) detailed in the public procurement document.
the training takes place in the center of mlsz. each county directorate is required to delegate 2 to 2 (for a total of 40 people) for the training.
The sports medals to be delivered must form a regular circular shape so that it is centered in the center of the sports medal in the MLSZ Cimmer 3D design, rounded around it: on both sides it is made of transparent material (strong plastic or glass) with 3D olive oil completely filling the transparent section.