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MLTMalta (ISO Country code)
MLTMedical Laboratory Technician
MLTMountlake Terrace (Washington)
MLTModulated Lapped Transform
MLTMedical Laboratory Technologist
MLTMagnetic Local Time
MLTMulti-Link Trunking
MLTMesosphere-Lower Thermosphere
MLTMechanized Loop Testing
MLTMutton, Lettuce, and Tomato (sandwich)
MLTmean low tide
MLTManufacturing Lead Time
MLTMultistripe Laser Triangulation
MLTMetallic Loop Test
MLTMinnesota Land Trust
MLTMilitary Liaison Team
MLTMean Local Time
MLTMedian Lethal Time
MLTManagement Leadership Team (various organizations)
MLTMetallic Line Test (analog repair facility test measuring ohms on a standard POTS line)
MLTMechanized Line Testing
MLTMachine Language Translation
MLTMobile Land Target
MLTMulti Line Test
MLTMultistate Life Table
MLTMedium Long-Term Notes
MLTMilitary Leadership Team
MLTMiddle Level Transition
MLTMessage Loop Testing
MLTMunitions Lift Truck
MLTMultiple Loop Test (DSL connectivity troubleshooting)
MLTMaster of Law and Taxation (degree)
MLTMartingale Limit Theorem
MLTMentoring Leadership Training
MLTMean Lifetime
MLTMessage Lookup Table
MLTMarketing Leadership Team
MLTMelting Point
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8226; Michael Hoffmann; named a Top Doctor by MLT in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
Since 2002, regardless of student academic majors, MLT programs have addressed transition points in the business world: college-to-workforce, early-career jobs, admission to graduate business schools and business schools-to-workforce.
Although B is a fiduciary under the MLT agreement, it disclaims all responsibility for Greenacre, including obtaining clear title.
Stakeholders engaged in planning the MLT from among the department faculty and residents designed program learning objectives, curricula and teaching methods.
The concentration of MLT in plasma collected in EDTA-containing tubes was measured by DRG melatonin enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) (EIA-1431).
The histological observations of the ovary of MLT treated fish revealed suppressed developing stage of ovary.
The new technology along with the careful trials conducted by MLT resulted in many advances in teabag perforation.
This versatility makes the MLT 625 universal to use in a variety applications.
7) Then, in 2007 Russell and others reported that MLT distance students performed academically as well as their campus counterparts and postulated that distance learning in MLT can be used to educate laboratory professionals.
Nordson Corporation has acquired MLT Systems Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
Mortensen, PhD, FAAM, MLT (AMT), CLC(AMT), Cincinnati, OH, was certified as a MLT by AMT in 1977, and as a CLC in 1998.