MLTAQModern Language Teachers' Association of Queensland (Australia)
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This presentation strand then resulted in a special edition of the MLTAQ journal with Queensland teachers writing about their experiences in CLIL, published in December 2014 (Smala, 2014).
Lisa and Lottie have also joined the MLTAQ and the ISQ learning management system, Learn, to use the 'Languages community of practice'.
This study was conducted in September and October of 2009 in an open survey posted on the Modern Language Teachers Association of Queensland (MLTAQ) and the Nihongo-Victoria mailing lists.
Formalised language teaching awards, such as the MLTAQ (2009) 50th Anniversary Language Teaching Awards, go a long way to acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of our teachers, as well as providing opportunities for language teachers to gather and network in a positive environment.
Once all DEEWR-funded places for Stream A were exhausted, MLTAQ took the decision to allow any teacher who was a member of MLTAQ to access a Stream A program at no cost to them and only a teacher replacement cost for their school.