MLTCModern Languages Teaching Centre (University of Sheffield, UK)
MLTCMeadow Lake Tribal Council (est. 1981; Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada)
MLTCMassachusetts Land Trust Coalition
MLTCMerrill Lynch Trust Company
MLTCMaidenhead Lawn Tennis Club (Maidenhead, Berks, UK)
MLTCMixed Leukocyte/Tumor Cell Cultures
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En el ano 2006, La OIM propone desarrollar este modelo con recursos del Programa de Movilidad para Personas Mayores AENEAS, de la Union Europea, de la mano de acciones como documentacion y sistematizacion del modelo a traves de estudios academicos sobre la dinamica migratoria, consolidar y replicar el modelo MLTC por medio de politicas y alianzas estrategicas, optimizar el uso de las remesas como herramienta para el desarrollo socioeconomico y mejoramiento de la calidad de vida de los migrantes laborales, sus familias y comunidades de origen y establecer alianzas con organizaciones publicas y privadas para la implementacion de procesos de desarrollo local y regional.
One of the respondents, MLTC, denied the existence of gender disparities in citizenship education: Gender does not come into the curriculum.
The program receives a fixed permember per-month premium from the state, at a rate that is negotiated with the MLTC plan annually.
Saskatchewan's Crown Investments Corporation (CIC) will own the remaining 25 per cent, but will be making part of its share available to the MLTC, as well as to a North West Communities Wood Products Ltd.
One of the other foundational statements which emerged out of a 1990 meeting of the SCYC, MLTC and others was the "necessity for a bicultural approach to educational programming and curriculum development, which would provide students from the MLTC communities with the knowledge and skills that would allow them to work effectively in their own culture and in the dominant North American culture" (Pence, Kuekne, Greenwood-Churck, Opekokew, and Mulligan, 1992, p.
Verne Bachiu, director of policy and planning for MLTC, said Jan.
MLTC Tribal Chief Eric Sylvestre said leaders have been asking themselves how to break the cycle of dependency, and added that while they haven't found all the answers, different levels of government coming together is a good start.
MLTC will provide the startup money and show the Miskitos how to develop their resources in a responsible way.
An important aspect for consideration in MLTC, therefore, lies in the context of self-help and lay care, and this book includes the concept of "patient as expert".
UnitedHealthcare currently offers the MLTC plan in the five counties of New York City.