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MLTEMulti-Layer Traffic Engineering
MLTEMulti-Lingual Text Editor (Unicode editor; Apple Computer)
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Instead of the MLTE, IPC-9850 here specifies the maximum ball-to-land error (MBTL) due to joint x, y and phi errors.
R0201 components with 100 [mu]m spacing (400 [mu]m component width), for example, have lower MLTE limits for spacing than for connecting at 50% coverage.
A circular SL shape would actually have been more appropriate, fitting into both measured Gaussian PDF (Probability Distribution Function) shapes and the required MLTE process window from the connecting process itself.
The other members of staff were told the matter should remain confidential but it became clear that Mrs Newton had told her then partner, who had been acting secretary of MLTE before Mr Say.
In calling Mrs Newton to a disciplinary hearing Mr Burson told her she "could not be trusted to act in the best interests of MLTE".
Mrs Newton's appeal against dismissal was rejected by Ann Newcombe, vice-chairman MLTE executive, who is regional head of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.