MLTMMinistry of Labour and Transport Management (Nepal)
MLTMMCS Layered Telecommunications Model
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The MLTM Series is a compact and convenient means of combining multiple antennas.
Mobile Mark's new MLTM magnet-mount antennas are built with strong magnets that will hold the antenna securely to the vehicle, even at high speeds.
The MoU sets a framework to exchange information and experience between the MLTM and UPC, and will give us the opportunity to conduct indepth studies on selected areas dedicated to urban development strategy.
Byeong-Kwon said: "The MoU provides a framework for MLTM and UPC to exchange views and experiences in urban planning to enhance each other's planning expertise.
Algunos modelos como el LLTM (Linear Logistic Test Model; Fisher, 1973), el MLTM (Multicomponent Latent Trait Model; Whitely, 1980), el GLTM (General Latent Trait Model; Embretson, 1984) y el GDM (General Diagnostic Model; von Devier y Yamamoto, 2004) buscan integrar la Teoria de Respuesta al item (TRI) con la teoria cognitiva mediante la descomposicion de parametros de los items o de la habilidad de los sujetos en componentes cognitivos.