MLTPMajor League Tagpro (webgame)
MLTPMain Low Tension Panel (electronics)
MLTPMilitary Legal Training Plan (Canadian military)
MLTPMesothelioma-Like Tumors of the Pleura (oncology)
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TravelWise - being run by the Merseyside Local Transport Plan (MLTP) - will offer packages of personally tailored support for people to get in and out of the city centre.
Currently an NEA Executive Committee member, Marsha served on NEA's Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules, and Budget Committees, Health Information Network Board, Great Lakes Research Board, National Membership Strategy, WLTP and MLTP training, and with the National Governors' Association to name a few.
Yesterday a spokesman for the MLTP, which is made up of the region's five local councils, said: "The Merseyside Local Transport Plan Partnership is working together to plan for the long term future of transport and travel in the region.