MLTSMaterial Licensing Tracking System (radioactive material usage sites; US NRC)
MLTSMountain Leader Training Scotland
MLTSMulti-Layer Thin-Substrate
MLTSMost Likely To Succeed
MLTSMulti-Line Telecommunications System
MLTSMinimum Length Transmission Scheduling
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In the merging MLTS, the shared action Msg cannot be merged into the internal (invisible) actions.
To determine whether two MLTSs are behavior process compatible, first the product of the two MLTSs is computed, and then the set of internal actions is hidden, making it invisible from the environment, as shown in Algorithm 1:
Further work, with the compositional verification technique using MLTSs, will aim to detect the suspect behavior actions concealed in the behavior processes and also avoid the state space explosion problem of model-checking.
The MLTS is also debuting its capture-the-flag variant game type in which the founder expects could be one of the most intense CTF game types one could play.
In addition, Stan Corley, the Founder of MLTS explained a unique free agent draft implemented for the event.
eTelemetry's E911 products provide vital location information, including building, floor, and room number, for a person who dials 911 from an MLTS.
In addition to national championship games the MLTS will be hosting the first of its kind Tactical Armageddon Tournament.
This is the MLTS effort to find the best of the best tactical laser tag teams," says the MLTS founder.
MLTS will be the first rapid transit system in Macau.
In October 2006 the decision to construct the MLTS was taken.