MLTSMulti Line Telephone System
MLTSMaterial Licensing Tracking System (radioactive material usage sites; US NRC)
MLTSMountain Leader Training Scotland
MLTSMulti-Layer Thin-Substrate
MLTSMost Likely To Succeed
MLTSMulti-Line Telecommunications System
MLTSMinimum Length Transmission Scheduling
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However, their dynamics and linearity as well as frequency features are not favorable for designs operating at hundreds of kHz and beyond in comparison to DT and high-speed multiplier (MLT), for example AD835 [10].
Definition 10 (Multiset labelled transition systems, MLTS).
that there are 76 job openings for MLTs in Nebraska," said Martin Steinbeck, MLT program director at North Platte Community College.
The MLTS is also debuting its capture-the-flag variant game type in which the founder expects could be one of the most intense CTF game types one could play.
In the revenue ruling, the IRS presents three hypothetical situations involving an MLT arrangement.
2013-14: Is the fideicomiso or MLT described below a trust under Regs.
There are problems unique to research and the MLS or MLT must weigh these to determine whether they desire a research career option.
The comments indicated that the training would help Soldiers improve prioritization, gain a better scientific background, understand basic laboratory instrumentation, understand the difference between clinical and weapons laboratories, and apply the fundamental aspects of MLT work to daily tasks.
Hyperhomocysteinemia is defined as an increased fasting plasma Hcy (fasting Hcy), an increased plasma Hcy 6 h after a methionine loading test (MLT; 6-h postload Hcy), or both.
Mr Buxton said someone just over the limit of 80 mgs of alcohol per 100 mlts of blood would have drunk the equivalent of at least three pints of beer, or six tots of spirits or six glasses of wine.
Second, regarding loquacity, the children did no show a pattern of responding such that their highest MLTs occurred in response to families' phatics and contributions with lowest MLTs to questions.