MLUSMonoclonal Lymphocytosis of Undetermined Significance (leukemia)
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"Early indications are that the proposed move of the Midwifery Led Unit (MLU) will be complemented by enhanced community services and this is regarded as an essential element in the changes to the service.
Lastly, one will recall for the sake of the present argument, that it is only when the TD child starts his/her "genuine" linguistic development, that is with the first conventional words, that parental adaptations reach maximal sensitivity regarding the children's language level (i.e., the time at which maternal MLUs are lowest in average values) (cf.
In contrast, interactions following intervention were characterized by more balanced communicative turns, increased verbal participation by the children, a closer match in mother and child MLUs, and more semantically complex storybook interactions by the children.
In each of these languages, children with SLI are less likely to use finite verb morphemes in obligatory contexts than are younger normally developing compatriots matched for mean length of utterance (MLU) or age controls when MLU is used as a covariate.
The majority of the remaining F-16A/Bs have been or are being upgraded under the Mid-Life Update (MLU) program, launched by Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark (the four original European F-16 customers) in 1991, with Pentagon support, and the aircraft has made its combat debut over Kosovo.
Al Chaay used three locative nouns in the samples between 2;6 and 3;0 when she was two years, ten months old and had an MLU of 2.1.
An involved analysis of Brown's fourteen grammatical morphemes was used to determine Mean Length of Utterance (MLU).
The low-achieving students used an average of 6.56 morphemes per utterance (MLU), while the high-achieving students used an average of 8.16.
The syntactic complexity of maternal utterances was assessed using mean length of utterance (MLU) in morphemes based on all the complete and intelligible utterances produced.