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MLVMurine Leukemia Virus
MLVMotor Luggage Van (rail car; UK)
MLVMemory Loader Verifier
MLVMulti Language Version
MLVMulti Language Vendor
MLVMultirole Light Vehicle
MLVModified Live Virus
MLVModified Live Vaccine
MLVMagnetic Low Voltage
MLVMedium Launch Vehicle
MLVMultiple Language Version (films)
MLVMcNicoll, Lewis & Vlak (investment bank; New York, NY)
MLVMatinee Las Vegas (Las Vegas, CA)
MLVMulti-Language Vendor
MLVMemory Loader/Verifier
MLVMulti-Layer Varistor (electronic component)
MLVMortgage Lending Value
MLVMain Line Valve
MLVMaximum Likelihood Voting (reliability)
MLVMean of Least Variance (image processing)
MLVMost Likely Value
MLVMonitored Live Voice (audiology)
MLVMagnetic Levitation Vehicle
MLVMinimum Lexographic Value
MLVMilitair Lichamelijke Vaardigheid (Dutch: Military Physical Proficency)
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Multilamellar vesicles (MLV) stable plurilamellar vesicles,
Rainfall data were obtained from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology daily monitoring stations at Pirlangimpi Airport (18.57 km from the MLV site), Warruwi Airport (4.55 km from the GLB site), and Milingimbi Airport (10.34 km from the MRN site) (BOM 2018).
In order to prepare the MLV precursor, dried and crushed (400-800 [micro]m) L.
As to guns, first came several sets of ivory grips with MLV on them.
MLV is an independent full service investment bank and institutional broker dealer.
The results in Table 3 show five distinct AY groups and treatments MLV and CLV are the ones with higher AY value.
MLV has also led or co-managed 23 traditional offerings year to date (a growth rate of approximately 21 percent versus the same period last year).
Tanenbaum covered Starwood Property Trust as part of his duties at both MLV and FBR
The missile was launched from a state of the art Multi Tube Missile Launch Vehicle (MLV), which significantly enhances the targeting and deployment options of Babur Weapon system.
The missile launched from a state-of-the-art Multi-Tube Missile Launch Vehicle (MLV), which enhances the targeting and deployment options of Babur Weapon system.
The military said Monday s launch was carried out from a "Multi Tube Missile Launch Vehicle (MLV)", which it said improved the Babur system s targeting and deployment capabilities.
The hard-number value I recommend is called "maximum loss value" (MLV).