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MLVAMicro Light Valve Array
MLVAMulti-locus VNTR Analysis
MLVAMultiple VNTR Locus Analysis
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The MLVA cluster tree based on the MLVA data of the five isolates and the 28 profiles of isolates from other regions of Guizhou Province showed high diversity, with a gross coefficient of similarity of 55% [Figure 1]A.
(2,5) As MLVA strain clustering is concordant to PFGE typing, we attempted to type MRSA strains representative of PFGE pulsotypes and also some singletons identified in a separate experiment using MLVA, with the intention of substituting PFGE with MLVA for future MRSA epidemiological studies in the medical center.
Increasing in pathogenicity of SB strains cannot be ascribed due to allelic diversity by MLVA markers.
Querying the MLVA genotypes against the MLVA bank for Bacterial Genotyping database we identified 18 different sequence types (ST).
2010: Genotyping of Leptospira interrogans strains from Argentina by Multiple-Locus Variable-number tandem repeat Analysis (MLVA).--Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 34: 135-141.
Typing techniques that are rapid, easy, and relatively inexpensive are based on PCR amplification methods, which include rep-PCR typing and MLVA. rep-PCR typing, which is based on multicopy elements in the staphylococcal genome, has been shown to be variably discriminatory but poorly reproducible among laboratories when in-house protocols are used (14).
We also determined MLVA type from genome assemblies using a custom bioinformatics pipeline (wgsMLVA) based on traditional PCR primer sequences (11) (Appendix).
Weng et al.; Multiple-locus variable- 2007 (41) number tandem-repeat analysis (MLVA) was used to track leprosy transmission.
pneumoniae and include multilocus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis (MLVA), P1 typing, and others (9).