MLVPMulti-Line Variety Package
MLVPMain Low Voltage Panel (electronics)
MLVPMean Left Ventricular Pressure (cardiac function measurement)
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MAP, MLVP, and left dp/dt[sub]max were decreased, while LVCO could not be measured during CA.
Our novel porcine model of CA caused by PTE was verified using the following criteria: (1) appearance of ventricular fibrillation or escape beats, (2) MAP reached ≤30 mmHg, MPAP was more than 2.5 times that of baseline, and CVP also increased, (3) MRVP increased more than three times (the decrease in MLVP and dp/dt[sub]max indicated no blood filling in the left ventricle, while CO could not be measured), (4) PetCO2 decreased and could not be measured, while PaCO[sub]2 increased, and (5) CTPA showed obstruction of the pulmonary artery, which is the gold standard for diagnosis of PTE.[sup][6] After ROSC, all hemodynamic and respiratory parameters were gradually restored to baseline, and the clots in the pulmonary artery stem were thrombolytic.
In this model, the MLVP and left dp/dt[sub]max both decreased.
7 November 2014 - UK investment vehicle Milamber Ventures Plc (MLVP) announced today it had completed the divestment of its 49% interest in local IT and business support services provider Flux Impact Limited to the company's other shareholder, Engage Production Limited.
As part of the transaction, MLVP has received GBP35,000 (USD55,400/EUR44,680) for the stake in cash, with a further GBP115,000 to be submitted by Engage over the next two years in monthly instalments to repay existing obligations.
Of the additional amount, GBP85,000 comprises a loan repayment and the remainder relates to fees owed to MLVP director Andy Hasoon for services provided in 2013.