MLVWMedium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled
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The original MLVW's were originally put into service in the 80's, shortly after "0 Canada" became the country's official national anthem and people began trading in their rotary phones for newfangled "touchtone" models.
how exactly is the Army coping with their fleet of officially "classic" MLVW trucks?
Nevertheless, the MLVW replacement project was still parked in neutral when the Conservatives were elected to power in 2006.
Of course, the JTF2 have their own procurement budget and as a result they don't have to put up with such inferior kit as the MLVWs. When our elite commandos transport their supplies their drivers enjoy the full protection of brand new Stewart & Stevenson armoured trucks.
Airbus is currently wing for the $4.6 billion contract to replace the Hercules, and Stewart and Stevenson is in competition for the $1.2 billion MLVW contract.
Unfortunately, no vehicle can be expected to last forever; and given the current dilapidated state of our MLVWs, their replacement is now a major priority.
The Medium Logistics Vehicle, Wheeled (MLVW) trucks were first purchased in 1982 when Bombardier won the contract and produced 2,769 for the Department of Defence.
In October, 1999, the entire fleet of Medium Logistics Wheeled (MLVW) trucks was grounded because of steering wheel-related problems.
Rather it uses wheeled vehicles such as the Medium Lift Vehicle Wheeled (MLVW), of rusting axle fame a few years ago, along with Iltis jeeps which should have been replaced a decade ago.
In October 1999, the fleet of Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled (MLVW) trucks were grounded because of problems with their steering wheels.
Two years ago the existing old fleet of Medium Logistic Vehicle, Wheeled (MLVWs) was grounded for lack of spare parts and corrosion.