MLYSMother Lode Youth Symphony (San Andreas, CA)
MLYSMinistry of Labour, Youth and Sports (Tanzania)
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icLys = iLys - mLys x B[Pm.sup.0.73] x u icMet+Cys = iMet+Cys - mMet+Cys x B[Pm.sup.0.73] x u icThr = iThr - mThr x B[Pm.sup.0.73] x u
For the calculations were considered, respectively, the values of 152 (SIQUEIRA et al., 2011), 87.3 and 75.6 mg B[Pm.sup.0.73] x u (BONATO et al., 2011) as the requirements for maintenance of Lys (mLys), Met + Cys (mMet+Cys) and Thr (mThr).
The immuno-relevant lysozyme genes (mlys) of most ruminants bear almost similar structure and have evolutionary relationships among them.