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MM1Midtown Madness 1 (game)
MM1MegaMan 1 (video game)
MM1Machinists Mate First Class (naval rating)
MM1Mobile Mass Spectrometer Version 1 (US DoD)
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sCJD VV2 and MM1 isolates were included for biochemical comparative purposes (lanes 8 and 9, respectively).
Nevertheless, when comparing nonflat bone groups (MM1 and OL1) there were no significant values of AUC for gray level parameters.
cereus###11.2(UM4)###11.4(UM1)###11.06(UM1)###11.1(MM1)###0.9 (UM1)###7.2,7.2,7.2
Tanto el sedimento de un mililitro de celulas y agregados celulares (menores de 1 mm) como las estructuras globulares amarillas embriogenicas de las SCE I, cultivados en los medios de maduracion MM1 y MM3 produjeron muchos embriones somaticos maduros hacia los dos meses de iniciadas (figuras 2A-B), no detectandose diferencias en el uso de ambos medios.
Modrophonic May DayWeekend (MM1), in Mathew Street, will celebrate everything great about Mod culture.
Association analysis revealed that the deletion mutation had highly significant associations (p<0.01) with meat marbling score of the thorax-waist longissimus dorsi (LD) muscle (MM1) and intramuscular fat percentage (IMF), and significant associations (p<0.05) with carcass length (CL).
The AirOpen router is designed to leverage application layer protocols such as SIP, as well as SMPP (short message peer-to-peer protocol) and MM1.
Waterman had denied sacking Malcolm claiming he had resigned from his post at MM1 Modelmakers in Irvine, Ayrshire.
Mac Coxhead, 52, said he was axed from the celebrity's model train-making firm MM1 in Irvine, Ayrshire, after questioning cost- cutting.
NetClear solutions include the NetClear GT and NetClear GT2 high performance copper solutions, as well as the XG LAN solutions for 10 Gigabit Networks, which include NetClear GT3 enhanced Category 6 and NetClear MM1, NetClear MM10, and NetClear SM fiber optic solutions.
When Chad was 11 years old, he went on a four-day Tiger cruise with his father, Charles, and brother, MM1 Barry, who was stationed on board Midway.