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MM1Midtown Madness 1 (game)
MM1MegaMan 1 (video game)
MM1Machinists Mate First Class (naval rating)
MM1Mobile Mass Spectrometer Version 1 (US DoD)
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The original vCJD isolate (Hu-vCJD2) used for mouse inoculations in this study was also included on the blot (lanes 3 and 9); sCJD MM1 (lane 1 ) and VV2 (lane 2) isolates were included for biochemical comparative purposes.
En el subtipo cognitivo predominan los isotipos MM1 y MV1, que causan entre el 55 y el 70% de las prionopatias esporadicas, mas comunmente en pacientes entre los 30 y los 70 anos de edad.
5g/l in UM3 while no concentration was determined in GM4, GM5, GM6, UM4, MM1 and MM2 (Table VII).
Tanto el sedimento de un mililitro de celulas y agregados celulares (menores de 1 mm) como las estructuras globulares amarillas embriogenicas de las SCE I, cultivados en los medios de maduracion MM1 y MM3 produjeron muchos embriones somaticos maduros hacia los dos meses de iniciadas (figuras 2A-B), no detectandose diferencias en el uso de ambos medios.
The design of MM1 programs to educate health care students is typically created to measure and compare the effectiveness of the program as a supplement or replacement to traditional teaching strategies.
When Chad was 11 years old, he went on a four-day Tiger cruise with his father, Charles, and brother, MM1 Barry, who was stationed on board Midway.
As the MM1 mass spectrometer alerted to a possible chemical agent, the Fox lowered its probe to verify the agent.
Current technologies being utilized in the field are not remotely "hand-held" in character, with, for example, the MM1 instrument from Bruker-Franzen weighing over 250 kg.
5 ml (mean [+ or -] I SE in both cases) at sites MM1 and MM2, respectively.
This breaks down into MM1,303bn for the current budget and MM1,211bn in the investment budget.
Sc] on Western blot consistent with a diagnosis of sCJD subtype MM1 (11).