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MM1Midtown Madness 1 (game)
MM1MegaMan 1 (video game)
MM1Machinists Mate First Class (naval rating)
MM1Mobile Mass Spectrometer Version 1 (US DoD)
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In a heterogeneous context, the cooperating actors may use different notations for their models (for example, Ml is notated according to the meta-model MM1 and M2 to the meta-model MM2) and they may refer to different ontologies.
For comparison, we ran these extracts alongside extracts of homogenates prepared from brain samples from 4 sCJD patients (sCJD subtypes MM1, MM2, VV1, and VV2) representing each of the 4 distinct strains of sCJD agent, as identified by transmission to transgenic mice (5).
NetClear solutions include the NetClear GT and NetClear GT2 high performance copper solutions, as well as the XG LAN solutions for 10 Gigabit Networks, which include NetClear GT3 enhanced Category 6 and NetClear MM1, NetClear MM10, and NetClear SM fiber optic solutions.
When Chad was 11 years old, he went on a four-day Tiger cruise with his father, Charles, and brother, MM1 Barry, who was stationed on board Midway.
As the MM1 mass spectrometer alerted to a possible chemical agent, the Fox lowered its probe to verify the agent.
Current technologies being utilized in the field are not remotely "hand-held" in character, with, for example, the MM1 instrument from Bruker-Franzen weighing over 250 kg.
This breaks down into MM1,303bn for the current budget and MM1,211bn in the investment budget.
sCJD specimens from patients with the MM1 and VV2 subtypes of the disease were used as reference standards in certain Western blotting experiments.
This is one of the best burgers I've had," said MM1 James Holman.
Early in 2010, in addition to existing Polish metallurgical tests on ore from the Myszkow deposit, further tests based on a drill core sample from MM1 hole drilled by the Company was carried out by Wardell-Armstrong International in the UK.
Mac started working for Waterman's firm MM1 producing model trains after his own model-making company went bust.
Then he allegedly sacked Mr Coxhead from his model train making business, MM1, based in Irvine, Ayrshire.