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MM2Midtown Madness 2 (game)
MM2Message Mode 2 (gaming)
MM2MegaMan 2
MM2Monster Manual II (roleplaying games, Dungeons and Dragons)
MM2Mixtape Messiah 2 (Chamillionaire album)
MM2Machinists Mate Second Class (naval rating)
MM2Mariner Mark 2
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In his new capacity, Chang will oversee and manage mm2 Asia's business operations, particularly in the production division, while sourcing new business opportunities.
To show its support, MM2 Modern Dance registered some of its performances as World Pride Affiliate Events.
In a statement, AEGa[euro](tm)s CEO, William Heumann, said that the company intends to invest over USD500,000 (EUR369,000) of new capital into MM2 in order to expand its potential for mortgage lending and boost its investment operations in residential property.
Already the first publicly listed Singapore film company since 2014, mm2 Entertainment also owns cineplexes in Malaysia, and has recently acquired a majority stake in local 3D animation company, Vividthree Productions, to strengthen its competitive advantage.
Tenders are invited for Up-gradation of Conductor from 55 mm2 AAAC to 100 mm2 AAAC of 33 KV Feeder from Borigumma PSS to Sasahandi Tapping with Intermediate pole and line AB switch 400 Amp 3 pole 4 nos.
Six tenders for the supply of (a) internal ends for 12/ 20 kV, 3 x 240 mm2 cross section cables, (b) oil filled power transformers 200 KVA, 10/ 0.4 kV tension suspended type, (c) connections for XLPE insulated 1 x 400 mm2 cross section cable 12/ 20 kV, (d) insulated aluminum conductor of 35 mm2 cross section, also (e) supply & erection of different capacity capacitors' boards & & (f) instruments to test transformers oil.
Seven tenders for the supply of (a) medium voltage aluminum cables of 3 x 240 mm2 cross section and 1 x 400 mm2 cross section, 18/ 30 kV, also of XLPE insulated aluminum cables of 1 x 630 mm2 cross section, 12/ 20 kV, (b) low voltage cables of 3 x 185 + 95 mm2 cross section & of 3 x 95 + 50 & 4 x 25 mm2 cross section, (c) oil filled transformers of different capacity, 22/ 04 kV & 10.5/ 04 kV, (d) main medium voltage switchboards of 12 & 24 kV tension, (e) medium voltage ring type 24 kV switchboards, also AC & DC low voltage main switchboards, (f) prefab low voltage distribution boxes complete with all related accessories & (g) different cross section connection panels and internal cable ends.
power cable with aluminum conductors with pvc insulation, armored, section mm2: 4x95-1.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) 12/ 20 kV XLPE insulated aluminum cables of 3 x 300 mm2 cross section, also (b) low voltage aluminum cables of 3 x 240 + 120 mm2 cross section & 3 x 70 + 35 mm2 cross section.