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mm3Cubic Millimeter
mm3Midtown Madness 3 (game)
mm3Mood Muzik 3 (Rapper Joe Budden & DJ On-Point mixtape)
mm3MegaMan 3 (video game)
mm3Monster Manual III (roleplaying games, Dungeons and Dragons)
mm3Might and Magic 3 (game)
mm3Machinists Mate Third Class (naval rating)
mm3Minute Man 3 (intercontinental ballistic missile)
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The report, prepared by global environmental consulting group Antea, in collaboration with Nestle Waters, found that the area's overall groundwater balance was positive, by around 12 Mm3 per year, but noted important seasonal water fluctuations as well as high impacts from climate change and human activities.
Aussi, 8100 ha ont ete amenages en perimetres publics irrigues par les eaux usees traitees, mais les resultats indiquent un reel echec puisque le taux d'utilisation de ces perimetres n'est que de 29% avec une consommation en eau usee traitee de 5 Mm3, une eau souvent non conforme a la norme de reutilisation (NT 106.03)".
This material selection, along with the enlarged, 500 X 500 X 500 mm3 print volume, means the ProX 400 is ready for whatever you can throw at it.
The volume of the magnets decreased from 878.6 mm3 to 259.8 mm3 during the years studied, as measured by radiography (P = .04).
S'inscrivant dans la continuite de la politique des barrages suivie depuis plusieurs decennies par le Royaume, ce barrage situe a 100 km de la ville de Marrakech et dont la construction a necessite une enveloppe de 740 millions de dirhams, a pour objectifs de developper l'irrigation dans les perimetres d'Assif El Mal situes a l'aval, renforcer l'alimentation en eau potable de la ville de Chichaoua et des centres et douars avoisinants avec une dotation de 6 Mm3 par an et proteger les zones et infrastructures aval contre les inondations.
Results range from 51 mm3 of volume loss for a 2.5 N contact force to 449 mm3 of volume loss for a 12.5 N contact force for the same sample.
Agricultural demand has increased by 36% compared to that of 2000 (1,546 Mm3 compared to 1,131 Mm3).
TEHRAN (FNA)- An international research team, led by researcher at the University of Electro-Communication observed an infrared dark cloud G34.43+00.24 MM3 with ALMA and discovered a baby star surrounded by a large hot cloud.
His laboratory data was significant for a hemoglobin of 3 g / dl (13.5-17.5 gm / dl), white blood cell count 28,000 / mm3 (normal 4.5,000-11,000 / mm3), platelet count 54,000 / mm3 (normal 130,000-400,000 / mm3, International Normalized Ratio (INR) > 9.5 (normal 0.9-1.1) quantitative D-dimer > 5000 ng / mL(normal < 200 ng / dl), and fibrinogen 311 mg / dL (normal 200-600 mg / dl).
The dispensing nozzles are available in four sizes ranging from 5 mm3 to 100 mm3.
The devastating landslide of 4 January 2010 at Attabad in Hunza valley involved a massive movement of over 50 Mm3 of rock and debris that created a blockade on the Hunza River.