MM4Multiple Mpeg 4
MM4MegaMan 4 (video game)
MM4Multiple MPEG-4 (DivX encoding method)
MM4Mesoscale Meteorological Model, Version 4
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The capacity of the MM4 Series of Multi-Aspirators is matched to the feed rate required by the majority of injection molding machines.
The solution runs on a Windows platform and supports the 3GPP standard MM7, MM4 and MM1 protocols.
The new model MM4 multichannel switch is a four-pole, triple-throw unit designed for cell sites with three antennas.
* MM4: Transition probabilities (going from state i to state j) are assigned to the corresponding arcs.
Neither Carson City (MM4) nor New Orleans (MM5) mints produced cents or nickels.
The SCAL technology, like the MM4 technology platform, can be offered both as a stand-alone Software-as-a-Service product as well as part of a bundled offering within our Procurement-as-a-Service offering.
Kuo, "Description of the Penn State/NCAR Mesoscale Model Version 4 (MM4)," National Center for Atmospheric Research Tech Note TN-282+STR, NCAR, Boulder, Colo, USA, 1987.
Tenders are invited for Micro Master 4 Mm4 Profibus Module, Make: Siemens, Part No.
Tenders are invited for Spare Part Supply Of Micro Master 4 Mm4 Profibus Module.