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MM5Miva Merchant 5
MM5Motherboard Monitor 5 (software)
MM5MegaMan 5 (video game)
MM5Mesoscale Meteorological Model, Version 5
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Dados horarios de temperatura do ar de estacoes meteorologicas foram utilizados para comparar com a temperatura do MM5, buscando a sua validacao estatistica e o comportamento da temperatura, resultado que nao sera explorado neste trabalho.
La aplicacion del CALPUFF junto con el modelo de meteorologico CALMET y la ejecucion auxiliar del modelo MM5 permitio simular de manera satisfactoria la dispersion P[M.sub.10] en el area y fuera de los limites de la cantera.
TSEa Conveying elements primarily TSEb Additional kneading blocks TSEc Conventional set-up, conveying elements mainly Corotating measuring mixer MM1 for 1 min MM2 for 2 min MM5 for 5 min MM10 for 10 min F Foamed S Solution treatment TABLE 2.
Cuvelier et al., "The impact of MM5 and WRF meteorology over complex terrain on CHIMERE model calculations," Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, vol.
At present, we are concentrating on applying the proposed approach to MM5 and WRF models, which are more than 10 -dimensional; related papers will soon be published.
OCT measurements were done using a MM5 (5x5 [mm.sup.2] grid) protocol.
Coupling an advanced land-surface/hydrology model with the Penn State/NCAR MM5 modeling system.
Coupling an advanced land surface-hydrology model with the Penn State-NCAR MM5 modeling system.
At the Jeddah refinery in Saudi Arabia, Calpuff Modeling System with mesoscale model (MM5) data was used to assess the impact on air quality from refinery's operations.
The 5-9 February 1996 flooding event over the Pacific Northwest: sensitivity studies and evaluation of the MM5 precipitation forecasts.
An Evaluation of the Performance of the CHIMERE Model over Spain Using Meteorology from MM5 and WRF Models.
Estos pronosticos se basan en dos modelos de mesoescala: el modelo de Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) y el modelo de mesoescala y mircroescala V5 (MM5).