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In 1974 the British consultant Llewelyn Davis was appointed by the new town planning authority within the MMAA to design the first masterplan of Doha for 1990.
Mmaa Nkomo, an interactive programme on wide ranging issues of family planning, sexual and domestic violence, seems to be the most popular among the respondents.
(115.) See Judges Gone Wild--McDonnell Douglas Analysis Overruled in MHRA Discrimination Cases, MMAA NEWSLETTER (Missouri Municipal League, Jefferson City, Mo.), Aug.
Also honoured at the event were Baroness Amos herself, for being a role model for the African-Caribbean community; Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, for dedicated leadership; Lee Jasper, the mayor's senior policy adviser on equalities, for his unwavering commitment to the development of people of African descent; and Afia Ansah Ampene, producer of the popular Mmaa Nkomo talk show in Ghana, for championing the development of women and children.
Joseph Lieberman introduced the Media Marketing Accountability Act (MMAA) -- a bill to prohibit the marketing of "adult-rated media," i.e., movies, music, and computer games containing violent or sexual material, to young people under the age of 17.
Hampered both by budget constraints and by a rethink on the scale of the project, official sources in the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture (MMAA) and at Doha International Airport Public Corporation (DIAPC) say work will go ahead, but it seems unlikely the project will be completed before 2003.
However, the two major metabolites of arsenics, DMAA (dimethylarsinic acid) and MMAA (monomethylarsinic acid), have been evaluated, and both have been shown to cause or promote cancer in rodents (28-32).
Similarly, the Twi proverb, mmarima ni ho a, mmaa basia yi won ho kyere (when men are absent, women expose their nudity), expresses the Akan conviction that female sexuality must always be controlled, obviously by male and female elders.
Because Kwasi Kwakye was the only member of our family who "knew books", his direct elder brother, Kwaku Nsuapem, who had never been to school and the young ladies in the house, who unfortunately during those years were regarded as more useful when they were unlettered because then they would produce babies earlier and also be very useful on our farms and in the house generally than if they got themselves turned into "akrakyefuor mmaa" (women clerks) who could not "even cook properly", used to hover around him, listening to the unusual stories he told them from his books.
The initial monomer ratio of MMAa:nBA:HEMA = 66:15:19 wt% used by Maeder is comparable with the ratio of 70:15:15 wt% used in this work.
Arsenite [As(III)], arsenate [As(V)], monomethylarsonic acid (MMAA), and dimethylarsinic acid (DMAA) are widely present in the natural environment [25-29].(1) The toxicity varies dramatically with different chemical forms of arsenic; the median lethal dose ([LD.sub.50]) values in rats for some arsenic compounds [29-31] are (in mg/kg): potassium arsenite 14, calcium arsenate 20, MMAA 700-1800, DMAA 700-2600, and arsenobetaine >10 000.
At this stage, my self-pride couldn't be contained, and I casually chipped in, "Emmom Ghanafuor mmaa dier, mo ho twa!