MMAFMarble Mountain Air Facility (Marble Mountain, Vietnam)
MMAFMinistry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Indonesia)
MMAFModified Motorcycle Association of Finland
MMAFMinnesotans Military Appreciation Fund (Minneapolis, MN)
MMAFmonomethyl auristatin phenylalanine
MMAFMaryknoll Mission Association of the Faithful (now Maryknoll Lay Missioners; Maryknoll, NY)
MMAFMolong Music and Arts Festival (Australia)
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The SMART-Fish Programme has provided a significant contribution to the national fisheries sector particularly pangasius, seaweed and P&L Tuna, said Nilanto Perbowo, MMAF Secretary General.
Fitch's analysis of MMAF 2017-B incorporates the derivation of net loss expectations utilizing its proprietary Portfolio Credit Model (PCM), as the collateral pool contains high obligor concentrations and limited loss experience on both MMAF's managed portfolio and securitization portfolio.
The main difference is that, under the current administration, the process of sinking illegal fishing fleets by blasting them is led by a high-profile government officer, the minister of MMAF and supported by the Navy.
Alcala said the Indonesian official agreed to his suggestion to have both sides convene a technical working group that will meet "at the soonest possible time" to flesh out the issues, including the concerns of Filipino-owned fishing companies in Indonesia regarding MMAF's strict enforcement of its policies and regulations.
In addition to this exhibit, the MMAF will present a series of side events to accompany the festival through "Conversations," a celebration of in-depth talks featuring the Philippines' top innovative professionals that aim to influence young minds and help them build their creative careers; "Prospect," a culminating exhibit of the first batch of Multimedia Arts students under the new curriculum; the MMA Awards, an awards night celebrating the various achievements the students under the MMA program; and the official launch of the MMA Guild, a collective organization of MMA alumni.
MMAF conveyed that this achievement was due to three strategic measures undertaken by the Indonesian government; the strong commitment towards coral conservation policy by establishing marine conservation management; combining marine resource management and protection followed by prudent resource utilization; and strengthening the global partnership in coral reef management.
The results of FMSF, MMSF, FMAF, and MMAF are all successful to deform the rectangular image to C-shape image.
The second generation EDI[TM] DM1 ADC EIA Kit, EDI[TM] MMAE ADC EIA Kit, and the EDI[TM] MMAF ADC EIA Kit are available now.
Fadel Muhammad led the MMAF delegation and opened the Indonesian pavilion with Hans Klunder of CBI.
Seattle Genetics has developed a technology employing synthetic, highly potent cell-killing agents called auristatins (such as MMAE and MMAF) and stable linker systems that attach auristatin to the antibody.
(6.) Barcellos C, Magalhaes MMAF, Gracie RSG, Magalhaes MM, Santos PD, Pereira S, et al.
The immunoconjugate contains an anti-EphA2 monoclonal antibody linked to the chemotherapy drug monomethyl auristatin phenylalanine (MMAF) through the non-cleavable linker maleimidocaproyl.