MMAHMinistry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (Ontario, Canada)
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The MMAH damage degrees were 48.9% for GI, 40% for GII, and 11.1% for GIII.
In this study, MMAH and LMAH pathologies were found to have relationships with an increase in the BC volume, but these were not statistically significant.
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH), Provincial Planning Policy Branch.
Comparison of the Thermal Resistance (RSI) of the Building Envelope Components Building Envelope 2006 OBC R-2000 Component (1) Standards (2) Ceiling below attic or roof 7.24 (R41) 8.60 (R49) space Roof assembly without attic 5.21 (R30) N/A or roof space Wall other than foundation 3.80 (R21) 3.50 (R20) wall Foundation walls enclosing 2.40 (R13) 3.50 (R20) heated space Floor including floor over 4.70 (R27) 4.40 (R25) unheated space Slab-on-ground containing heating pipes, tubes, ducts or 2.11 (R12) N/A cables Slab-on-ground not containing heating pipes, tubes, ducts 1.76 (R10) N/A or cables Windows (3) 2.00 (0.35) 1.76 (0.31) (1) (2) (1.) Refer to the Table of the 2006 OBC (MMAH, 2008, p.
Despite the fact that the official release of the 2012 OBC was not available at the start of the current study as it was released in the beginning of year 2010 (MMAH, 2010), the identified combination of optimal upgrades have met or, in some cases, exceeded the minimum efficiency level as prescribed by the building code.
As of August 2001 there were 159 amalgamations and 60 annexations in Ontario, nearly halving the number of municipalities and councillors (MMAH 2001).
The introduction of the new Ontario Building Code format, including the Energuide 80 alternative compliance option, has led to renewed interest in higher-performance mechanical systems (MMAH 2006).