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MMAPMemory Mapped
MMAPMaryland Medical Assistance Program (Department of Human Resources)
MMAPMedical Marijuana Access Program (Canada)
MMAPMobile Missionary Assistance Program
MMAPMobile Message Access Protocol
MMAPMobility Management Application Protocol
MMAPModel Making Automation Process
MMAPMathland, Middle School Mathematics Through Applications Project
MMAPMedicare and Medicaid Assistance Program
MMAPMultifunction Multiservice Access Platform
MMAPMad Mothers Against Pedophiles
MMAPMulti-Media Access Port
MMAPMaster Maritime Attack Plan
MMAPMobility Management Application Part (Telcordia)
MMAPMichael McNamara Architectural Partnership (Dublin, Ireland)
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An MMAP lawmaker pointed out the quorum at 1527 hours which led to the ringing of bells for two minutes.
During GE-2018, HDP's candidate Ahmed Ali Khozad had secured the majority vote in the constituency while MMAP candidate Wali Muhammad had been the runner-up.
Tables 6-9 show the MMAP values for each dataset's versions.
For this evaluation, the Clerity MMAP service included:
The NSF's evaluation report also indicated that MMAP has positive effects on students' attitudes as well as on their performance (Linn et al., 2000).
The following programs were recommended by the Panel and designated exemplary or promising by the Secretary of Education in 2000: (1) Maryland Virtual High School CoreModels Project; (2) Middle-school Mathematics through Applications Program (MMAP); (3) Modeling Instruction in High School Physics; (4) One Sky, Many Voices, a middle-school science program using real-time weather data; and (5) the WEB Project, a collaborative program to employ new technology to effect systemic reform in school systems throughout Vermont.
This paradigm requires different questions when exploring the relationship between media and learning, questions that revolve around the individual characteristics of a medium and the learner in addition to questions that explore the interactions between media and learners (Cobb & Bowers, 1999; Greeno & MMAP, 1998; Kelly & Lesh, 2000).
For this purpose, IO-Lite incorporates the mmap interface found in all modern UNIX systems.
Middle-School Math Through Applications Project (MMAP)
Most operating systems (including BSD/OS, which we use) support an mmap system call that reserves part of the address space, and only allocates swap space as far as this address space is actually used.
. "Passages from Prokofiov's Fifth Symphony." MMAP:8-9.
The Marine Mammal Assessment Program (MMAP) of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), NOAA, provided funding to carry out population studies to determine the abundance, distribution, and stock identification of marine mammals that might have been impacted by commercial fisheries in U.S.